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    McKenzie Fussell Designer Cape House Amelia Island

    ONE | Prioritize your needs.

    The best place to begin is to start with where you'd like to end! What can we accomplish together during our consultation that would be a big "win" for you!? Would you like to nail down a new dining room scheme? Or perhaps you really need a few lamp options for your guest bedroom? Prioritizing your needs helps us spend our time together on what matters most to you!

    TWO | Get Inspired!

    I'm going to give you a bit of homework (it'll be fun, I promise!) Spend a few minutes prior to our meeting dreaming up what you'd like your space to look like. Visual inspiration helps me get to know your personal style which will translate into every aspect of our design consultation!

    Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas!

    • Flip through your favorite magazines (I personally love House Beautiful, Veranda, and Traditional Home!) and earmark or tear out a few rooms you love! This gives us a great starting point for our conversation! What do you like about the space and what don't you love?!
    • Not into periodicals? Create a Pinterest board with your favorite design ideas! What I love most about Pinterest is that you can easily add notes below photos to help illustrate what you like about the space!

    THREE | Don't forget the details!


    If you don't have a floorplan of your home handy, a few simple measurements can help me determine the best scale and placement of furnishings. It's ideal to have overall dimensions of the room itself (especially if we're sourcing rugs!) as well as measurements for existing furniture that will remain in the space. The easiest way to share the dimensions is to draw a quick sketch of the room and then add in any relevant measurements pertaining to the layout, like window placement and distance from one door to the next!


    Have a sample of your existing window treatment or a pillow cover from your sofa? Bring it in! This will help me beautifully blend your existing pieces with any new additions!


    Taking photos or videos of your space (nothing fancy - an iPhone photo works just fine!) helps tremendously! This way we can take a look at pieces you already own and architectural details that may play a part in the design of your space. A few tips:

    1. A mobile phone video of you walking the space can easily capture all of the elements we'll need to consider!
    2. When taking photos or videos, take a few steps back and think "floor to ceiling", we'll want to see the entirety of your room!
    3. 3. Try to capture photos from different view points. I love to see a few different perspectives of each space!

    FOUR | What's helpful to bring:

    Make your list and check it twice!

    • Measurements
    • Photos Of The Space
    • Inspiration Photos
    • Existing Fabric Samples

    McKenzie Fussell Designer Cape House Amelia Island