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    Project Spotlight: Korman Casa (Part 1)

    Today we're thrilled to share a preview of a very special project we've been working on (alongside the Lola Interiors team!) for unofficial Cape House family members, the Korman family. The  Korman family is moving to the beach and we couldn't be happier for them! 

    It all starts outside. The exterior of the home perfectly blends homeowner Nicki's classic taste with modern coastal touches perfectly suited for Amelia Island living. An oversized front porch, calming paint colors and bold light fixtures make for a warm Southern welcome! What's not to love?! 

    Inside the home the focus is on the families favorite gathering place - the kitchen! With two young boys and a big heart for entertaining, this space will get plenty of use! In true Cape House fashion we've mixed blue hues, warm wood tones and a pop of gold to ensure the space is timeless, bright, and airy! 

    A detail we love: The kitchen cabinetry isn't all white (all though we adore that look too!) - the island boasts the most beautiful shade of blue! It's the perfect pop of color and can easily be updated down the road. 

    Pro tip: When selecting counter or bar stools for busy families with young children, we appreciate options without upholstery for easy cleanup after meals and snacks. 

    Right off of the kitchen you'll find the main living area. We've mixed navy blue fabric on our favorite recliners with light white-washed wood tones, creamy leather and an oversized woven coffee table for a collected yet pulled-together look. We definitely played favorites in this living space by including our all-time favorite console table, the Bungalow 5 navy grasscloth end table we can't get enough of and our favorite CR Laine upholstered pieces. 

    A detail we love: The colorful rug! It's definitely the focal point of the space and the perfect way to disguise kiddo messes. 

    Pro tip: We're big fans of mixing fabric and leather in large spaces! It keeps the room interesting without going overboard on pattern. 

    Excited to see the end product? We'll be sharing more of the Korman Casa right here on the blog next month so stay tuned! 


    Behind The Design: Modern Coastal Updates

    While I love the classic blue and white beach house (no surprise there!), it's always fun to help clients do something a bit unique with their oceanfront abodes! 

    I love the appreciate the challenge of thinking outside of the box when it comes to designing beach houses. While you can't go wrong with a traditional coastal design, bringing in more modern elements and moody color combos makes for a stunning end product! 

    I'm currently working on details for a Carlton Dunes renovation that perfectly captures the elegant, transitional style of the homeowners. While we still have several decisions to make, I thought it would be fun to share some of the options we're currently mulling over. Which would you select? 


    The living room in this home definitely steals the show with massive windows overlooking our gorgeous island beaches. This couple wants to update their very traditional library builtins to incorporate a few natural elements and provide a much more modern look overall. The new design started with a layout and the idea to paint the cabinetry instead of completely gutting the unit. We'll finish the new statement piece off with out of the ordinary library lighting. The Liam is always a stunner but we're also considering the longer Barret and Cosmopolitan options. 


    A beautiful glass table currently takes up residence in the formal dining room. Glass tables play well at the beach - I love the way light bounces from the surface! New (more comfortable) dining chairs have been requested to really spruce this entertaining space up. I can't get enough of the texture in the Amario and Augusta chairs! And while we don't typically associate leather dining chairs with oceanside living, I love the juxtaposition of throwing in a lighter leather into the mix on the Conrad chair. Ps. If you're not crazy about the fabric but love these chairs, I have good news! They're available in tons of fabrics and finishes so we can create exactly what you're looking for. 

    It's all in the details, isn't it?! I can't wait to see how these simple updates transform the unit into a space the homeowners never want to leave! 

    Now let me know in the comments below, which pieces would you select?! 

    A Very Special Thank You

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for another amazing year! 

    The heart behind our business is relationships and where they begin: in the home. Our hope is to help you create a comfortable space that can serve as the backdrop for time spent with family and friends - living, loving, and learning.⁠

    Without our amazing customers, we wouldn't be where we are, or who we are, today. Thank you for making this dream come true and continuing to support us daily! We are truly grateful and look forward to many more years!

    Next week we'll share reflections from our founders, on what the last three years have looked like. But for now, let's jump back to where it all started! 



    The date: March 2016. The destination: Cape Town South Africa. Here the concept was inspired: an anniversary trip shared by four best friends. Upon arrival, the Jones and the Hintons immediately fell in love with everything about the town, the scenery, the architecture, the color schemes, the crisp, coastal-chic style around every corner ‚ really everything! Blown away by its beauty, they felt completely at ease ‚ able to completely disconnect from their every day, embrace rest, and focus on the future, namely, this store concept. Conversations over glasses of Pinotage led to the discovery of the root behind the whole concept ‚ their passion for meaningful and spiritual relationships and where they begin: in the home. By combining Lance's love for the gourmet and Tiffany's love for interiors, their dream took shape as Cape House!

    As we celebrate another anniversary, we look back on all that the last few years have brought. Since the return from Cape Town, countless hours have been spent bringing this vision to life and creating on Amelia Island, what we now know as Cape House. Thank you for being a part of this dream! 

    The Perfect Rug For Every Home

    It's rug week at Cape House which means we're taking a deep dive into our favorite room accessory - the rug! Last week we shared a complete guide to finding the perfect rug for every room in your home and this week we're sharing a few staff favorites! If you're in the market for a new rug, we're offering 20% off all Cape House rugs (and up to 50% off select styles!) this week! Call or visit today to browse our selection.  

    We've spent years curating a collection of rugs perfectly suited to our island lifestyle and polished coastal aesthetic. That means we've sorted through THOUSANDS of options at market and beyond, only to bring home the best of the best! So what do we look for in a beautiful rug? We hunt for rugs that are of course beautiful but also durable, well priced and unique!  

    Today we thought we'd share a few staff picks turned customer-favorites. 

    Sarah's Favorite: The Highland Rug

    "Sarah adores the Highland Rug for a number of reasons. The highland rug offers the natural fiber look us island dwellers love but with a unique detail, the touch of color! Your beach house is begging for this coastal casual rug!"

    McKenzie's Favorite: Design Materials Collection

    "When you can't find exactly what you're looking for due to size or shape, our Design Materials collection is usually the answer! Completely customizable and absolutely beautiful! With hundreds of combinations from rug material to binding options, you can design a beautiful (high quality!) rug for every room in your home!" 

    Lance's Favorite: Kerscher Rug 

    "Looking for livable luxury at an attainable price point? The Kerscher Rug is exactly that! A stunning pattern available in several bold colorways, the Kerscher comes in at an excellent price point, but you'd never suspect it!" 

    Tracy: The Navina Rug

    "Your beach house is begging for this one! A timeless coastal pattern available in all of our favorite colors. The Navina Rug comes in a thin or thick block stripe pattern and the best part....it's indoor/outdoor making it both durable enough for high traffic areas and super easy to clean!" 

    How to Choose a Rug!

    A great rug can make (or break!) a room. The perfect rug adds more to a space than just color, pattern, or texture. Visually, it helps to ground furniture and define a space; functionally, it absorbs noise, provides plush comfortable padding underfoot and protects floors. To ensure you get the most out of your rug purchase, consider both the style and the purpose of your space. Let our rug buying guide serve as your starting point to making the best possible selection. 

    We're celebrating our favorite room accessory for the next two weeks by offering 20-50% off select rug styles at Cape House! 


    First thing's first. You want to ensure you've selected the right size rug for your space. A rug that's too small or too large for a space can throw an entire room off balance. Our designer, McKenzie put together an in-depth guide to help you determine the correct rug size.

    Know what size you need? Let's move on to choosing the right style for each room in your home. 


    Rug materials offer different levels of softness, stain resistance, durability, and price. There's a material for every lifestyle and budget! 


    Cotton rugs are versatile, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. Cotton is far less likely to shed than wool, but tends to be less durable than wool, too. Since they’re usually machine-washable (yes, please!) you'll often see cotton rugs making an appearance in the kitchen or laundry room!


    Wool is the most common fiber used in rug construction and we're big fans! It’s soft underfoot, durable, affordable, and naturally stain-resistant. Wool rugs also have good insulation and heat retention properties. In tufted constructions, wool rugs are prone to shedding, and may require regular vacuuming. Not crazy about the weekly vacuum sessions? A looped-fiber rug helps hide the tops of the fibers, resulting in less wear and tear and far less shedding.


    Silk rugs are a luxurious choice, offering natural sheen and softness that makes them perfect for the bedroom. Silk rugs are more delicate than wool and cotton versions, sensitive to moisture, and generally more expensive than other materials. More affordable alternatives to genuine silk include bamboo, banana silk, and viscose, all of which offer a similar appeal for a fraction of the price.

    Natural Fibers

    Natural-fiber rugs are created from materials like jute, sisal, bamboo and sea grass. They’re most often used for flatweave or braided rugs. Natural fibers are eco-friendly and among the most affordable for rug construction. Jute and sisal can possess a scratchy texture that can feel rough underfoot, while sea grass and bamboo are smoother. Natural fiber rugs work best in dry rooms where there is low likelihood they will be stained, as they can be difficult to clean.


    Polypropylene and other synthetic fibers are often used to make indoor/outdoor rugs. The benefits of synthetic fibers are many, including superior stain blocking, low maintenance care, and resistance to fading, making them the perfect choice for functional areas like entryways, mudrooms, or patios. In addition to polypropylene, polyester is one of the most common synthetic materials for these durable rugs.

    WEAVES 101 

    The weave of your rug will determine everything from how it will hold up to wear over time and how it feels underfoot. Below is a roundup of the most common rug weaving techniques, and a few things you should not about each. 


    This is a time-consuming and time-tested manufacturing technique in which rug fibers are tied by hand on a loom. The meticulous process results in beautiful heirloom-quality and built-to-last construction, but you should expect a higher price point to match. These rugs hold up very well over time and can be passed down for years to come. Hand-knotted rugs make a great choice for almost any area of the home. 


    Tufted rugs are created by cutting off the tops of loops of yarn to create a plush, flat, surface; the tufted pile is then attached to a latex backing. These rugs are a less expensive alternative to a hand-knotted rug and come in a wide variety of styles. Before you make your selection, please note that tufted rugs are prone to shedding (especially at first!) and require regular vacuuming. 


    Hooked rugs are made the same manner as tufted ones, but the yarn loops are left intact instead of being sheared off. This creates a nubby, textured quality. Hooked rugs are less prone to shedding than tufted styles.  


    This term refers to a style of mat-like rugs without pile. Flatweaves come in a variety of materials (synthetics, cotton, and wool are common) and are very durable, but they don't come on any sort of backing, so a rug pad is highly recommended. Since flatweave rugs are reversible (the pattern is visible on both sides, so you can *sometimes* flip them if one side appears worn over time), they work especially well in high-traffic areas like entryways, family rooms, and playrooms. We call these rugs Florida-friendly as they're perfect for a beach home and require minimal upkeep. 


    Machine-made rugs, which can include everything from cut-pile styles to flokati rugs and faux hides, are woven on power looms. Since these looms are computer-driven, machine-made rugs can offer a low price point, elaborate patterns, and consistent quality. Because most are made with synthetic fibers, they typically offer great stain resistance.To prevent crushing the pile, use machine-made rugs under dining tables, in bedrooms, or in other areas of the home with low foot traffic.  

    Photo by Jessie Preza Photography 

    Rug Upkeep 101

    Read the label

    We can't stress this enough - the first rule when it comes to caring for your rug is to ready the label and carefully follow the manufacturer's cleaning and upkeep instructions.  

    Spot clean

    Plan to have your rug professionally cleaned every year or two. In between those cleanings spot clean to minimize staining. Blot stains immediately (never rub!), spritz with water and repeat until the stain fades. 

    Vacuum with care

    We recommend using vacuum attachments that won't be too powerful. Attachments are gentler, especially for delicate details like rug binding and serged edges. 

    Use a rug pad

    Rug pads provide extra comfort and prevent slips but they're also great for preserving the life of your rug. Pads help to reduce friction between the bottom of the rug and the floor. 

    Still not sure which style is for you? Come see us in-store at Cape House and be sure to follow along on Instagram @shopcapehouse all month long for more tips, tricks and rug buying advice!