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    5 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's day is right around the corner (May 12th, write that down!) and it's a little to late to order online. That's no reason to worry though because we've got tons of thoughtful mother's day gifts on display at Cape House! Stop in and see us - we'd love to help you select something special for the most-deserving women in your life! 

    1. Wood Letter Board 

    Our handmade letter boards are a unique way for mom to display sweet messages, encouraging quotes, and favorite words around her home or in her kitchen. These also make for stunning photo props and party decor! Each wood letter board is handmade by fine artisans. She'll appreciate the thought and the amazing craftsmanship! We have two sizes available in store, our smaller board is shown below! 

    Ps. You'll get extra brownie points by starting her board off with a heartfelt message! 

    2. Uashmama Beauty Case

    Shown below in large and small, a Uashamama beauty case is an unexpected gift that mom is sure to use! Pretty and practical! Fun fact: these bags are made of washable PAPER! Yep, you read that right. You're sure to stay on mom's good side by filling one of these darling toiletry bags with a few items from our Uashamama beauty collection. Made with extra virgin olive oil, these serums and lotions are always a hit!

    3. Indaba Robe

    An Indaba Robe is the most luxurious gift you can give mom this season! Treat her to a spa-like experience at home every day of the week! Shown in our Mirage Block Print, we have several patterns and styles to choose from! Trust us, she'll love it. Be sure to pair with a bottle of cab and a face mask for the gift of ultimate relaxation. 

    4. Mer Sea-Scents

    Mer-Sea is a Cape House favorite! Our newest scented candles include beautiful agate coasters, each one-of-a-kind and reusable! The beautiful combination of agate and a deliciously scented hand-poured candle make for the perfect gift! We highly recommend Coconut Sugar! Smells heavenly! 

    5. Amelia Island Tote

    Our Amelia Island Apolis Totes make a darling gift for island moms! Celebrate her love for Amelia Island with this Cape House Exclusive. Featuring quality leather straps and a waterproof interior, she can tote to the market or the beach! 

    Mom's have the most important job in the world! Treat them to something extra special this Mother's Day!

    We're open Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm and we'd love to help you find the perfect gift! We look forward to seeing you! 

    Spring Trends We Can't Get Enough Of!

    Spring is here and we're pretty darn excited about it! We love spring because it means we get to celebrate a few of our favorites (Easter, Shrimp Fest, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day just to name a few!) and we get a little sneak peek of what summer has to offer! When it comes to home decor trends, spring is our sweet spot! This year we're seeing a nudge toward gorgeous gardens and the great outdoors! 

    Here are a few Spring 2019 trends we can get on board with! 

    1. Faux Floral Arrangements


    Gone are the days of having to keep indoor plants alive! Can we get an "AMEN"?! We're thrilled to share that it's now completely acceptable to adorn the spaces of your home with faux botanicals! We're currently stocking dozens of beautiful faux stems, topiaries, boxwoods and arrangements that would look great in any space! Come on in and let us help you create the perfect arrangement! Ps. We've got you covered on the vase front as well!

    2. Citrus

    Citrus is everywhere right now! From wrapping paper to Spring dresses, and even making an appearance in the textile department! We can't get enough of lemons and oranges this season. Our faux orange stems make a lovely spring centerpiece! Who can resist vibrant oranges and bold yellows?! Citrus is a trend we can get behind! We think you'll want to "squeeze" it in to your home this season as well! ;) 

    3. Botanical Prints

    This just in, Pinterest recently shared that pins of botanical prints have increased 75% globally in the past month! It's officially the internet's fastest growing home trend! Folks want to reconnect with nature in whatever way possible - botanical prints on textiles and around the house seem to help us accomplish that! Refreshing patterns and colors help us craft a serene look in our spaces. Our favorite use of botanical prints is in the bedroom. We can't get enough floral print bedding! 

    In summary, it looks like design trends this year are all pointing to nature! Natural fibers, rich textures, and organic prints are making their way onto everything this season and we couldn't be happier! 

    How do you feel about these Spring design trends?! 

    Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Design Consultation

    Coming in for a design consultation? I'm so excited to meet with you to help you complete your space! A little bit of prep work can help maximize our time together. Here are a few easy tips to help you plan ahead. - McKenzie


    The best place to begin is to start with where you'd like to end! What can we accomplish together during our consultation that would be a big "win" for you!? Would you like to nail down a new dining room scheme? Or perhaps you really need a few lamp options for your guest bedroom? Prioritizing your needs helps us spend our time together on what matters most to you!


    I'm going to give you a bit of homework (it'll be fun, I promise!) Spend a few minutes prior to our meeting dreaming up what you'd like your space to look like. Visual inspiration helps me get to know your personal style which will translate into every aspect of our design consultation!

    Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas!

    • Flip through your favorite magazines (I personally love House Beautiful, Veranda, and Traditional Home!) and earmark or tear out a few rooms you love! This gives us a great starting point for our conversation! What do you like about the space and what don't you love?!
    • Not into periodicals? Create a Pinterest board with your favorite design ideas! What I love most about Pinterest is that you can easily add notes below photos to help illustrate what you like about the space!



    If you don't have a floorplan of your home handy, a few simple measurements can help me determine the best scale and placement of furnishings. It's ideal to have overall dimensions of the room itself (especially if we're sourcing rugs!) as well as measurements for existing furniture that will remain in the space. The easiest way to share the dimensions is to draw a quick sketch of the room and then add in any relevant measurements pertaining to the layout, like window placement and distance from one door to the next!


    Have a sample of your existing window treatment or a pillow cover from your sofa? Bring it in! This will help me beautifully blend your existing pieces with any new additions!


    Taking photos or videos of your space (nothing fancy - an iPhone photo works just fine!) helps tremendously! This way we can take a look at pieces you already own and architectural details that may play a part in the design of your space. A few tips:

    1. A mobile phone video of you walking the space can easily capture all of the elements we'll need to consider!
    2. When taking photos or videos, take a few steps back and think "floor to ceiling", we'll want to see the entirety of your room!
    3. 3. Try to capture photos from different view points. I love to see a few different perspectives of each space!


    Make your list and check it twice!

    • Measurements
    • Photos Of The Space
    • Inspiration Photos
    • Existing Fabric Samples

    Introducing, Cape House Design Services!

    At Cape House we're always working to elevate your experience. Today we're thrilled to announce a new program we've had in the works that will do just that! 

    We're pleased to share that you can now book a complimentary in-store design consultation with our designer, McKenzie Fussell! 

    McKenzie has worked alongside Cape House Co-Founder, Tiffany Hinton of Lola Interiors for the past several years. Together they've designed and styled many beautiful homes here on Amelia Island. She's the first to tell you that she "learned from the best!" Tiffany and McKenzie have worked together to create a classic coastal design style that's both beautiful and functional. Tiffany describes the look and feel as "livable luxury." 

    Today we're launching a service designed to bring you that "livable luxury" through a simplified process. 

    From space planning and creating a cohesive design scheme to making selections and ordering, McKenzie is here to create a customized experience and make sure the details are delivered. 

    Following your complimentary consultation experience* (up to 2 hours with the designer), you will be provided with a design plan including recommendations, selections, pricing, and order options.

    We do take it personally, because we care!

    What's next? Click here to learn more about our design services and our designer. 

    Wednesday Wisdom: Excellence Wins

    Wednesday Wisdom from Cape House, Home and Hospitality Boutique on Amelia Island, Florida

    I’ll never forget my introduction to Horst Schulze. It was August of 2015 and he was one of the presenters at the Global Leadership Summit, a two-day conference with world class faculty providing fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content to more than 250,000 attendees. No, I wasn’t technically at the conference and no, I didn’t technically meet Horst, but my exposure to his content created an appetite for more. 

    It was apparent, from the moment he began his presentation about customer service, he delivered with genuine care. He expressed the importance of his role within the organization (President and COO typically carries some weight) while reiterating the importance, and significance, of every person in the organization. In the end, we are all people simply serving each other in some capacity. We can choose to serve with an attitude to create trust and loyalty or choose to serve with indifference. 

    I recently had a chance to catch up with my good friend, Mr. Shulze, as he released a new book, Excellence Wins. By spending time, I mean I listened to the book on Audible while recovering from a spine fusion (another story for another day). We revisited some of the similar concepts from his presentation a few years ago, but it was refreshing to see the significance of caring again in a fresh way.  

    The most significant takeaway for me was not in the details of creating an award-winning organization, but the hope Horst expressed in the midst of a struggle during the peak of his career. I won’t spoil it for you, but you can turn to Chapter 20 to hear the rest of the story. Mr. Shulze reflects on his battle and how his faith was strengthened during that difficult season. 

    He persevered in the face of adversity and continued his inspiring pursuit. If you haven’t paused to Google Horst Schulze yet, he is famous for revolutionizing the hotel industry, creating one of the most recognizable brands in the world in the process, The Ritz-Carlton, and elevating the culture of customer service by introducing “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” 

    I can’t think of a better time to reflect on excellence winning with Easter this Sunday. We celebrate The One who demonstrated the greatest love through his servant leadership and a willingness to be mocked, exposed, beaten beyond recognition, and crucified on a cross - for us. In three days, Jesus rose from the grave, and his excellence continues to provide hope 2,000+ years later. 

    At it’s core, customer service is delivered when we genuinely care about people. Between Horst and JC, I realize it’s time for me to step up my caring game and I hope you do too. 

    Lance Jones, owner at Cape House, Home and Hospitality Boutique on Amelia Island, Florida

    Listen to Horst’s 2015 speech.

    Horst Schulze is a charismatic leader and entrepreneur with an intimate understanding of market demands, he created a legion of loyal customers by raising the bar for customer service expectations to previously unimagined levels. Schulze provides audiences with successful service-oriented strategies to build and maintain lasting customer relationships that keep them coming back for more. A man of rare ability and prophetic vision, Schulze himself was named “Corporate Hotelier of the World” by HOTELS magazine and was awarded the Ishikawa Medal for his contributions to the quality movement. Currently chairman and CEO of Capella Hotel Group, Schulze is launching the newest standard in luxury hotels creating an unmatched tier of customer service.