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    Three Easy Ways To Update Your Entry

    The holidays are right around the corner which makes this the ideal time freshen up your entryway! Greeting your guests with a beautiful space sends the warmest of welcomes. The front entry or foyer of your home forms guests’ first impression from the moment they open the front door so ensuring it's both functional and inviting is important. 

    A few simple changes can turn your simple entryway into a lovely extension of your home! Of course swapping out a rug and sprucing up your lighting will make a big impact, but have you considered the following? 

    Make a Statement With Art

    Great art provides a conversation piece from the get-go! Consider a piece that tells a story or invites you to share how you're connected to it. We love seascapes and landscapes for this very reason. You might also consider an architectural drawing, framed photographs or a piece you fell in love with while traveling! 

    Lighten Up The Room With Mirrors

    Mirrors work wonders in small spaces like entryways. Consider adding an oversized mirror over a table or creating a gallery of smaller scale mirrors! Warm the space up with warmer wood tones or bring in a fun coastal texture like bamboo or rattan. You'll love how the light bounces off the mirrors and makes your space feel open and airy! 

    Add Seating

    I'm having a moment with pretty entryway seating. Make the most of your space by creating additional seating in your entryway. A small bench or chair will add style as well as convenience to your space. Form and function at it's finest! This is another great way to bring in a bit of texture or upholstery! When used day-to-day it's wonderful to have a place to sit while you put your shoes, when you're entertaining a bench or seat is the perfect spot for guests to park their bags! 

    One Last Sip of Summer

    Summer is "officially" over but lucky for us Amelia Islanders, we still have a few weeks of beautiful beach days in-store! When asked what my ideal day consists of, it's most certainly "a beautiful beach day that ends with friends laughing around the table!" 

    If you don't still have summer inspired cocktails on your mind, you're not truly living the island life! 

    Our favorite sip of summer is the Cranberry Martini! Cranberry, Lemon Orange, Citrus Infused NON-GMO vegan cane sugar! 

    Lance's Cranberry Martini Sparkler


    12 oz. Camp Craft Cocktail infused with Vodka

    Equal parts Sparkling Limeade and Cranberry Juice

    Limes & Blueberries (for garnish!) 

    How to:

    1. Infuse Cranberry Martini Camp Craft Cocktail and Vodka in the fridge for three days. 

    2. Strain the infusion.

    3. Pour your strained infusion into a pitcher.  

    4. Add 12oz cranberry juice.

    5. Add another 12oz of sparkling limeade for a citrus touch.

    6. Taste, add more limeade or fresh lime juice 

    7. Mix it up!

    8. Pour and serve! 

    Don't bust out the pumpkins just yet, bust out the CAMP and enjoy one last taste of summer before it's too late! 

    Your Hostess Gift Headquarters

    Whether you're going to a dinner party, popping by for cocktails, or staying with someone for the weekend, we think it's good practice show your gratitude by bringing a little something to your hosts. Yes, it is still the thing to do when you go to a party or even a casual get-together! 

    A gift for a dinner party hostess might include...

    - A set of stationery

    - Fun cocktail napkins with a jar of Camp

    - 32034 stadium cups 

    A gift for a host or hostess who is kind enough to accommodate you overnight warrants a step up from a dinner party gift. Considering all of the preparations that have to be made, including extra laundry, cleaning, and additional meals. You may include items you will use while staying there, but add something extra that the host or hostess can enjoy later! 

    A few ideas for your overnight host...

    - A bar set

    - A cozy throw

    - Blessing Beads

    Whether you're en route to the party or preparing for the weekend ahead, we've surely got the perfect host or hostess gifts ready for you! 

    Brush up on your house guest etiquette with some light reading! 

    The Golden Rules for Houseguests by Emily Post

    Real Simple's Tips To Get Invited Back

    Vogue's Guide on Being a Houseguest


    New & Now: Let there be light!

    We're thrilled to introduce our newest home line, Generation Lighting! Generation pulls together an impressive list of designers with years of experience combining timeless classics with modern touches. With a wide range of styles and selections and an approachable price-point, you're sure to find the perfect fixtures for every space in your home! 

    You'll recognize designers like Ralph Lauren, Alexa Hampton, and Chapman & Myers and might even fall for a piece from one of the seasonal celebrity curated collections! 

    A few Generation Lighting looks we're loving....

    Design by @urbangrayhome 
    💡: Atlantic Round Pendant from C&M by Chapman & Myers⁣

    Design by @oakstonehomesiowa
    💡: Capri Tall Pendant from TOB by Thomas O'Brien⁣

    @jettsetfarmhouse featuring the Thayer Lantern from Feiss Collection! ⁣
    📷 @visiblestyle

    Impeccable design featuring Fiona Large Pendants from Feiss Collection courtesy of @mrmhomes

    @millhaven_interiors featuring our Brianna Chandelier and Wall Sconce from the ED Ellen DeGeneres Collection.⁣
    📷: @mirandaphotog

    Do you lean toward the classics or tend to gravitate toward more unique fixtures? Either way, we're happy to help you pull together a lighting scheme that's perfectly suited for your abode! 

    Set The Table: Elevated & Easy Entertaining!

    When life gets busy it's all too easy to sacrifice dinners around the table! Thankfully, with the right supplies, you won't have to! We're thrilled to offer several lines of disposable table goods that make setting the table (and tearing it down!) easier than ever. So we don't have to sacrifice the good things in life like a well-dressed table for friends and family to gather around! 
    Beautiful paper placemats and table runners by Hester & Cook and plastic serve ware by Sophistiplate make setup a breeze! With the proper pieces, you can throw together a festive soiree or a beautiful alfresco dinner in minutes! This citrus-inspired tablescape has us planning an end-of-summer Your guests are sure to swoon over the effort that 
    Once you've set the table, pair this Citrus Salad with Fennel & Avocado with a classic Mint Mojito and you're ready to roll! 
    Start with the placemats and table runner! 
    Add in the accents! These can be used as place settings or for displaying menus and labeling dishes!
    Bust out the fine china. Or in this case, the disposable plates your guests will love! 
    Mix and match your table linens and cutlery with the paper goods or opt for paper napkins and plastic bella cutlery for easy cleanup! Either way, your table will be something to talk about! 
    Be sure to pop in to Cape House to check out all of our elevated single-use tableware! With plenty of beautiful patterns and colors to choose from, we'll help you put together the perfect table for every occasion!