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    Behind the Design: Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

    design by Lola Interiors
    You'll often hear us raving about how lighting is the "jewelry" of a home and the power it has to make or break a space! In modern kitchens, the island is the heart of the home, well-deserving of beautiful fixtures to make it shine! A bit of "bling" extending down from the ceiling can make a HUGE impact! 
    When it comes to selecting the perfect fixtures, we're here to help! With hundreds of beautiful styles to choose from, we can find the ideal fit for your home - that both reflects your personality and provides the right amount of lighting to set the mood! 
    What to consider: scale, quantity, and finish! 

    Like color, size scares a lot of people. But there is no reason overhead pendant lamps have to be teeny tiny (except maybe very low ceilings). Going oversize makes a huge impact and can really liven up an otherwise boring room. Almost always, we opt for two or sometimes three pendants over an island, depending on size. We let the number of barstools play a factor in making that decision. For example, if a client wishes to incorporate three barstools, we recommend only two pendant lights to balance it out. The finish of your lights does not have to perfectly match the hardware finish in your kitchen, but it should complement it. So when shopping for your lights, remember: scale, quantity, and finish! 

    A few additional tips to consider when you're hunting for island pendants: 

    - Go bigger (likely bigger than you think!) Often that means two larger pendants, instead of three smaller pendants. 
    - Don't be afraid to go bold! Lighting is the jewelry of a home and your kitchen island deserves a statement piece! 
    - In a very small space, consider glass! You can still opt for a larger pendant, but the glass allows you to see straight through, taking up less visual space. We love a glass globe or cone! 


    Does my pendant finish need to match my hardware finish? 
    Your pendant finish does not have to match your hardware finish! But for a clean and classic look, try not to exceed two different metals in the space. 
    At what height should I hang my lights? 

    The typical rule of thumb for hanging pendant lights is to have the bottom of the light between 30”-36” above the top of the countertop.

    This height allows the pendant lights to be functional in lighting the countertop and also decorative without blocking the view of those standing on either side of the island.

    Of course this number can be fudged a little based on preference. For instance, if you feel the lights look a little too high at 30”, dropping them down to 28” could help make them feel more in proportion.

    Which lights are right for my space?!
    Still not sure which lights to choose? Schedule a complimentary consultation with the Cape House design team - our designer is happy to help you make this important selection! 


    Things In Pairs Vol. 1

    In the design world, we often call upon  “The Rule of Three.” The "rule" simply states that things arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing to the human eye. If you've ever had a chat with an interior designer you're likely familiar with this design strategy. The rule also applies nicely for groupings of five or seven. While there's certainly a time and place when this "rule" works best, we've also learned to master the art of decorating in pairs! Things like lamps, pillows, art and nightstands often make a darling duo! 


    Pattern play in pillow pairings. These fabulous pillows just hit the floor in-store and we can't get enough of them! A soft blue geometric styled with a natural antelope print make for a playful, approachable combo.


    • When shopping for throw pillows, consider the fill and how it will affect the appearance. A feather-and-down fill, for example, has more give and a softer squish (if you will). Foam and other synthetic fills are stiffer and generally much more affordable. These pillows will hold their shape better but don't look as luxe.
    • Look for pillows that pick up hues of the surrounding room.
    • When pairing pillows, don't be afraid to mix textures as well! We love pairing thick embroidery with printed textiles for added interest. 
    • Look to your area rug for inspiration. This is a great starting point to draw texture and colors. 
    • No well-appointed sofa is complete without a comfy throw!  


    Speaking of pillows... we recently restocked our pillow wall, just in time for Fall! 

    Who's ready for a room refresh?! Replacing your pillows is often the easiest and most budget-friendly way to make a room feel brand new!

    We can't wait to help you bring your vision to life! 

    Behind The Design: Your Guide To Rug Sizing

    photography by jessie preza photography

    Most people shop for a new rug based on it's appearance, (which we completely understand!) but another key factor to consider when purchasing a new rug is the size! The size of a rug can completely change the dynamic of the room. A 5x8 or 8x10 rug might fit nicely in your living room but opting for the larger rug makes the room feel larger! Alternatively, a very large room may call for multiple, smaller rugs to differentiate and divide sections of a room. Today, let's dive into the very best fit for each space in your home! 


    When it comes to finding the right rug for your living room, it typically comes down to the following choices: 5x8, 8x10, and 9x12! In an ideal setup, the furniture is all on the rug! However, we've been known to place only the front legs of chairs and sofas on the rug. There's always an exception to the "rules" especially if you've fallen for a rug that's just a tad too small for all of the furniture to fit on. When in doubt, choose the 9x12! The larger rug will make your space feel larger, so long as at least 18 inches of bar floor are exposed around the rug. 


    If you decide to opt for a dining room rug (we don't always add one!) the process of selecting the right rug is pretty straight forward. The legs of all chairs should sit comfortably on the rug, even when pulled out for people to sit. Just as you would in the living room, keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed all the way around the edges of the rug. For a round table, an 8ft round rug is typically a great starting place for dining tables with 4-6 chairs. For rectangular dining tables with 6-8 chairs try a 9x12 or 8x10! 

    Pro tip: If a 9x12 or 8x10 just isn't working out for you, come in and see us! We offer a huge selection of custom rugs available in just about any size! 


    Oh, how we love a soft bedroom rug! It's an easy way to add texture and warmth to "cozy up" your space! For a bedroom rug really only one proper approach. Rugs should be laid horizontally (or on occasion, vertically!) underneath the bed, with part of the rug exposed on each side and at the end. For a queen-sized bed, you can easily get away with an 8x10 rug, but for a king, it may be better to elect for the 9x12 option! A large portion of the rug will be exposed all the way around the sides and foot of the bed. Just as it would in a living room, the larger the rug, the larger the room will appear! 

    Trending Now: This Summer's Best-Selling Art


    There's no time like the summer to freshen up your art collection and adorn your walls with beauty! We've rounded up this summer's best-selling pieces to highlight what's trending in-store now! While selecting art is deeply personal, our in-store designer and talented team of design lovers are here to help you find the perfect piece for every space in your home! From landscapes and coastal sketches to vibrant abstracts and breathtaking photography, we've got the piece for you! Which spaces are you shopping for? 


    The Balloon Sale is BACK!

    Save the date!

    We'll be celebrating three amazing years of Cape House this month! Join us on August 23 - August 24 to shop, sip and save all weekend long. And yes, the balloon sale is back! Pop a balloon at checkout to receive up to 50% off your purchase!

    Looking back...

    Four friends with one dream. Cape House was founded by Fernandina Beach locals, Tiffany and Wes Hinton and Lance and Lauren Jones.

    Tiffany, interior designer and founder of Lola Interiors, had long dreamed of owning a retail location to bring the style and selections her clients love to the Amelia Island market. The Jones, who returned to the Amelia Island area in 2011, also believed they’d be the owners of a store one day, with a focus instead on hospitality. As they became closer as friends, they realized they shared this retail vision – and began the work to make it a reality together. 

    In March 2016, the Hintons and the Jones embarked on an anniversary trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Upon arrival, they immediately fell in love with everything about the town – the scenery, the architecture, the color schemes, and the crisp, coastal-chic style around every corner! Blown away by its beauty, they felt completely at ease – able to disconnect from their everyday, embrace rest, and focus on the future, namely, a retail concept.

    It was here, during conversations over glasses of Pinotage, that the four defined the motivation behind opening a home and hospitality store – a passion for meaningful and spiritual relationships and where they begin: in the home. By combining Lance’s love for the gourmet and Tiffany’s love for interiors, their dream took shape!

    Three years later and we're thrilled to be offering our community all that they need to make a house a home. It's been an incredible journey and we can't wait to see what the future holds!