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    4th of July, Gullah Gourmet Style

    Our favorite summer holiday is right around the corner! We'll be kicking back and celebrating Independence Day Gullah Geechee style this year. The table is set and the countdown is on! If you're not familiar with Charleston based, Gullah Gourmet... you're in for a treat! Each bag contains ingredients to make delicious gourmet meals, dips, breads and desserts! By adding one or two items from your own pantry or fridge you'll have something tasty to serve up in minutes! 

    Let's break the rules and start with dessert! After all... it is a holiday! ;) 


    This year we're serving up some Geechie Peachie Cobbla y'all! The hardest part of putting together a cobbler dessert is whipping up the crust. Thankfully, Gullah Gourmet takes the legwork out of it. The bag includes everything you'll need to make the perfect crust for your peach cobbler. Y'all won't believe it but all you need to add is a splash of milk and a can of peaches! Bake for 30 minutes and serve up warm! We always top our cobbler with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream!


    We can't get enough of this yummy dip! For this crowd-pleasing appetizer you'll need mayo, whipped cream cheese and most importantly, fresh-caught local shrimp! We recommend you chill this dip and serve it up with crackers! Warning: this one will go fast amongst your friends so be sure to snag two bags! 

    We've certainly saved the best for last! We can't keep the Gullah Gourmet Shrimp & Grits on the shelves! 


    You may have heard Paula and Bobbie Dean talking about this one! Or perhaps you heard Food Network raving about it?! No matter where you heard it first, it's a recipe worth sharing! The bag includes fresh yellow stone ground grits and the sauce packet to make the delicious gravy. Saute some more of that fresh local shrimp in olive oil or butter (we're partial to butter!), add water to the packets and plate your dish! Each bag serves four. Yep, it's just as simple as it sounds!

    There you have it, a delicious 4th of July spread in under an hour! Stop in and see us to pick up your 4th of July essentials for the table and beyond. 

    Happy Independence Day, friends! 


    Behind The Design: Bathroom Accessorizing

    Photos by Jessie Prezza Photography, Design by Lola Interiors

    We'd be lying if we said we didn't binge watch Marie Kondo's recent netflix series, Tidying Up. There's just something about a clean and tidy (but beautifully designed!) space that we'll never tire of! We've adopted nearly all of Marie's tips for tidying up and organizing but our biggest takeaway has been to "remove items that don't bring us joy!" 

    When it comes to bathrooms we go the extra mile to ensure they're minimally decorated, while still reflecting the homeowner's style. We choose a few necessities for the countertops with the intention of simplifying daily routines but we also choose one or two items designed simply to bring joy! A beautiful orchid or a deliciously scented candle typically do the trick! 

    If you're ready to beautify and tidy up your bathrooms, we've got a few tips to share! 

    Tip #1: Choose luxurious towels. 

    Towels are the perfect bathroom accessory to reflect your personal style and really make a statement! When it comes to minimal design, it's all about quality over quantity. You don't need more things, you need fewer better things! Kasstex is the Cape House favorite in the bath department. The colors and patterns are stunning and they're plush! What's not to love?! 

    Tip #2: Keep Your Color Scheme Soft 

    A soft color palette is our personal preference in bathrooms. Soft tans, blues and greens can typically be spotted in a Cape House designed home. This helps us achieve the "spa-like" feel that clients are always asking for! It's easy to add rugs and texture to compliment a softer color palette. From your rugs to your hand towels, lighter is almost always better! 

    Tip #3: Let the lights and mirrors do the talking! 

    Lighting and mirrors can truly become the jewelry of your home, especially in small space like bathrooms! With limited space, minimal furniture, and just a few accessories... your light and mirrors can easily steal the show! Pro tip: We like to think about these pieces as art! Pairing an interesting oyster shell mirror with a sleek polished nickel wall sconce or a simple mirror with a more ornate vanity light is key! Let one or the other become your focal point! 

    Ready to redecorate your bathroom? Book a complimentary design consultation with us! We'd love to help! 

    When Life Hands You Lemons

    When life hands you lemons... throw them in a cocktail! 

    With lemons all throughout the store right now, we were inspired to make a refreshing lemon cocktail! Featuring muddled blueberry and freshly squeezed lemonade, our concoction turned out delicious so we thought we'd share the recipe with you! Perfect for the 4th, and every weekend between now and then! ;)

    Ready to whip one up? Here's what you'll need...

    • 2oz Agave Tequila Silver
    • 6oz Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
    • .25 Cup Fresh Blueberries
    • Lemon Wheel for Garnish


    1. Muddle blueberries into a shaker.
    2. Shake lemonade, blueberries, and tequila together over ice. 
    3. Strain into glass over new ice. 
    4. Garnish with lemonade and whole blueberries! 
    5. Enjoy! :) 

    Be sure to stop by Cape House for all of your cocktail (and lemon!) essentials! We're currently stocking everything you see pictured in this post. 


    Afresco Dining: Seaside Edition

    It's officially beach season here on Amelia Island. Our favorite time of the year! Last week we kicked off the festivities with a little seaside cocktail hour. Yummy appetizers, snacks in the sand and a view that can't be beat! Today we're sharing our essentials just in case you too want to take advantage of a little alfresco dining this summer! We can't recommend it enough. 

    Our Cocktail Hour Must-Haves: 

    - Kassatex Beach Towels: These fluffy stripe towels are big enough to serve as a blanket which makes them an essential for picnic style soirees! 

    - Cocktails: Y'all know we're partial to our Camp Craft Cocktail mixes! We always have a batch soaking so that we're ready to bring the party in a pinch! The local duo behind Camp Craft Cocktail created their product with community in mind, so they're designed to serve 12! Ps. The new aromatic citrus flavor is divine!

    - Uashmama Wine Cooler: Made in Italy from water and stain resistant paper (yes, you read that right!) our Uashmama wine tote is the perfect carrier for your favorite bottle of Rosé! These also make a unique gift for your host or hostess! 

    - Ice Bucket: Versatile and practical - our wrapped woven ice bucket is definitely a beachside necessity! 

    - Wine Glasses: Metal glasses are a must on the beach (or by the pool!), easy to clean and you don't have to worry about anything breaking! We're currently stocking beautiful gold metal glasses that fit right in with any decor! 

    - Wood Serving Board: If you haven't been serving your charcuterie out of a wooden fish, you've been doing it wrong! It's an unexpected detail that won't be forgotten. 

    - Cocktail Napkins: We've loaded up the shop with nautical inspired cocktail napkins perfect for summer entertaining. Lobsters, fish and shells... oh my! 

    - Woven Market Tote: Our best-selling tote this season is a gorgeous moroccan basket-like bag big enough to store all of your goodies! Our favorite detail? The stunning leather straps! 

    This summer we're bringing a few of the luxuries of the indoors... outdoors, and hoping for our best summer yet! Entertaining with our people and making memories at the beach! What more could we ask for?! 

    Behind The Design: How To Style Your Bed

    Making a beautiful bed is easier than you might think! To get the luxurious, fluffy, "jump right in" bed that we all long for... you'll only need to remember one rule. Yep, just one. 

    The Golden Rule of Bed Making: Layering Is everything! 

    Now that we've let you in on the big secret, let's dive a little deeper so you can achieve the look! Layering is essential because it adds volume, texture, and interest. Layering is also functional (especially in Florida!) because it provides adjustable warmth for you and your guests. Form and function, it's what we're all about. 

    Here's how it's done: 

    1. Start with your sheets of choice (be sure to lay your flat sheet wrong side up just incase you want to fold it over your duvet or quilt!) and then add on your duvet or quilt. If you're using a duvet, we recommend using two inserts in the cover or sizing up for added volume! That's where the "fluff" comes into play. If you prefer a quilt or lightweight coverlet, skip the folding over the flat sheet and instead fold the covering itself over twice. 

     2. If you're going the duvet route, we love the look of a folded quilt at the foot of the bed or casually draped on the corner. If you're using a coverlet or quilt as your primary bedding, you can get away with a simple lightweight throw blanket. This is a great time to introduce a fun pattern, new texture or pop of color! 

    3. It's pillow time. Start with Euro pillows (we typically recommend three for a king, two for a queen/full, and one for a twin!) for height. For your "sleeping pillows" as we like to call them, elect to use pillow shams instead of standard pillowcases for a more finished look. These can be matched to your sheets or used to layer in another color. Finish off with lumbar, boudoir, or throw pillows. The last step is always our favorite! This is a great time to experiment with color, embellishments, and variety in texture! Throw pillows are the easiest way to update a look so don't worry about committing to a pattern you won't love forever, you can always switch them out seasonally or when you're ready for a fresh look. 

    Pro tip: Hosting overnight guests? Bust out the steamer or iron to get that crisp & polished, in-store look just before your company arrives! We also love to spritz the linens with a Mer Sea room spray (available at Cape House!) - it's a thoughtful touch your guests are sure to appreciate! 

     Photography by Jessie Preza Photography // Design by Lola Interiors